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H3270 John Steinbeck: Life in California

Beginn Do., 14.11.2024, 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr
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Kursleitung Dr. Ludwig Wagatha
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Kooperationsveranstaltung mit dem Freundschaftsclub Hayward Heath und der Stadtbücherei Traunstein. Für die Kursorganisation gelten die AGB der vhs-Traunstein e. V., für die Kursdurchführung gelten die AGB der Stadtbücherei Traunstein.
Kursort Stadtbücherei Traunstein, 1. OG

Novels of the Victorian period frequently are fairly realistic, portray difficult lives and contain a moral purpose. The heroes (and heroines) due to their perseverance succeed in the end.
Not so with "Vanity Fair": as the subtitle indicates, it is a novel without heroes and gives a satirical and entertaining description of Victorian middle-class society. The main protagonist, Rebecca "Becky" Sharp, is an unscrupulous, but charming social climber - who, as an outsider, is able to expose the manners of the gentry to ridicule. The lecture will give an overview of the novel and some amusing views of people and characteristic traits of 19th century English society, based on selected readings from "Vanity Fair".

Kooperationsveranstaltung mit dem Freundschaftsclub Haywards Heath und der Stadtbücherei.


19:30 - 21:00 Uhr
Stadtbücherei Traunstein, 1. OG, Haywards-Heath-Weg 1

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