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Titel Edgar Allen Poe - Rhyme, Crime and Mystery
Englisch B1+
Info Edgar Allan Poe (*1809, +1849) was an US American writer, critic and poet.
He decisively marked the genres of detective and crime literature, science fiction and gothic stories.
The extravagant and fantastic topics he treated influenced later works by e.g. Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde and Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
The translation of his works by Charles Baudelaire into French greatly enhanced his early fame in Europe.
His highly successful poetry "The Raven" became one of the founding elements of Symbolism.

A lecture in the Traunstein Stadtb├╝cherei will outline the story of his life, unusual as it was.
It will also provide an overview of his chilling stories with readings from some of his most famous tales and poems in the English original.
Veranstaltungsort Stadtb├╝cherei; Kulturzentrum; Traunstein (Details)
Termin 1 Termin, Do. 16.11.2017
Geb├╝hr freier Eintritt, Anmeldung nicht notwendig.
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Do. 16.11.2017 19:30 - 21:00 Uhr Stadtb├╝cherei; Kulturzentrum; Traunstein